Providing compassionate, expert abortion care in an affirming and supportive environment.

We believe abortion care should be built on justice and anti-oppression principles. Our clinic welcomes people of all races, genders, ages, sizes, and abilities. We are committed to the process of continual improvement in order to best serve the people we care for and the community in which we live and work.


Morgan Nuzzo, CNM 

& Diane Horvath, MD MPH


We have worked together off and on for years at various clinics in the greater Washington DC area. After honing our clinical and leadership skills, we decided to use our shared knowledge and passion to open our own clinic. 

Know that however you came to find us, no matter your circumstances, that we support you. 

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Morgan Nuzzo (she/her), CNM 

Co-founder, Certified Nurse-Midwife

Morgan Nuzzo holds a Masters in Nursing specializing in nurse-midwifery. She has been providing abortion care for over 7 years, both in her role as an advanced practice clinician and as a registered nurse. She is one of the few midwives trained to provide abortion care through all trimesters. She is a passionate advocate for increasing advanced practice clinician's role in abortion spaces. 

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Diane Horvath (she/her), MD, MPH

Co-founder, Medical Director

Dr. Diane Horvath is an OB/GYN with Complex Family Planning subspecialty, public health, and advocacy training. She has over 15 years of both clinical and leadership experience in abortion care including as a medical director. She has been a public advocate for abortion access throughout her career. 

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Kim Lee-Wilkins (she/her), RN, BSN, MBA, MHCA

Chief Operating Officer

Kim Lee-Wilkins is the Chief Operating Officer at Partners in Abortion Care, and brings over 30 years of nursing experience to her role.  Her career has spanned many different aspects of healthcare from providing direct patient care, administrative positions managing OB/GYN practices, as well as directing the student health service at a university in Washington, DC. Her passion has always been reproductive healthcare. She is committed to providing patients the best that healthcare can offer.